Small Business Media Kit Customizable Canva Template
Small Business Media Kit Customizable Canva Template
Small Business Media Kit Customizable Canva Template
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Small Business Media Kit Customizable Canva Template

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This Canva template is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to create a professional media kit. With a sleek and modern design, it includes all the essential elements for showcasing your brand to potential partners and clients. The template features customizable sections for your company's story, services, and more. You can easily add your own images and text to make it uniquely yours. Impress your audience and make a lasting impression with this easy-to-use Canva template.


Make creating a media kit in Canva EVEN easier with these Canva Keyboard Shortcuts.



The two-sided PDF layout allows you to provide all the necessary information about your business in a simple one-sheet handout or a small email attachment. The template includes placeholders for:

  • Brand Logo
  • About Your Business
  • About You
  • Brand Photos
  • Contact Information
  • Brand Expertise
  • Business Highlights
  • Services or Price List
  • Social Media Accounts and Follower Numbers



    • Quickly introduce your brand to people who may be unfamiliar with it
    • Highlight what makes your brand stand out
    • Showcase any awards, special recognition, or press items about your brand
    • List your business's services and/or prices
    • Provide an at-a-glance overview of your social media presence
    • Present your brand's personality in an easy-to-consume format


    • 100% Customizable using Canva or Canva Pro
    • Change fonts and colors to match your brand or your content
    • Change the size and orientation of the media kit to suit your needs
    • Drag and drop your own images into the photo placeholders



    1. Complete your purchase and download the instructional PDF.
    2. Follow the instructions in the PDF for opening the Canva template in your Canva account.
    3. Customize and edit the template to suit your brand.
    4. PROFIT!


    Find information about file formats, licensing, and more here.

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